Digital strategies for the creative industry

We manage and promote social media accounts, develop websites and advertise using the MVP + USP marketing concept - you only do creativity.

Digital solutions for artists

Website development
Creation of a personal page for artists, musicians and creative organizations with subsequent search engine optimization.
Maintaining social networks
Constant work with content and audience - photos, videos, texts, creation of identity and graphics for the design of pages in social networks.
Advertising launch
Selection of the target audience, setting up an advertising campaign in social networks - promotions of concerts, tours and any creative events.
Creative PR
Special projects, promotions, collaborations with artists and bloggers, viral marketing and other non-standard solutions and integrations.
Music Marketing

Promotion of clips and songs

We are increasing views and listening on popular platforms - YouTube, Spotify, VK, etc.
According to a CISCO study, 82% of all online content will be video content by 2022. Video content is one of the most engaging forms of content, and this trend continues.

Modern digital tools, coupled with a 15-year backgranud in the digital environment, make it possible to predict and scale the media exposure of a personal brand, increase audience interest and engagement in the products of an artist or a creative organization.

We don't just advertise - we understand your audience.

Marketing, PR and creativity

We develop and monetize creative activity, having worked out a strategy regardless of the stage of the project: we help beginners to start in the digital environment, and we offer the full cycle of creating and promoting digital content to seasoned pros.

Communication with the audience and promotion of a personal brand is the key task of a modern artist.
  • Musicians

    We will create an identity, popularize creativity, fill the halls with listeners.
  • Filmmakers

    We will promote an actor or director, draw attention to your film.
  • Artists

    We will help you arrange social networks, organize an exhibition and deal with NFT.
  • Collaborations

    Digital accompaniment of broadcasts and shows - sound, light, video.
  • Locations

    Shock PR of local institutions - clubs, workshops, schools, workshops, etc.
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    Music, cinema and 3D graphics are contemporary art

    We work in a creative environment primarily because we see this as a value for society. Our mission is to make successful everyone who is engaged in creative activities and wants to receive financial and mental feedback.

    Modern digital marketing and project management tools allow us to competently build a career start, establish communication with the audience, popularize an artist, increase profits and successfully develop a project.

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